Advertising Terms

The following Advertising Terms are hereby incorporated into the ADR Times Advertising Agreement made by and between the advertiser and/or their authorized agent (the “Advertiser”) and ADR Times, a subsidiary of the MinaMark Company, a CA corporation (“ADR Times”), which governs the submission of digital ads, by the Advertiser to ADR Times:

By submitting your direct digital ads to ADR Times, the Advertiser agrees to all terms herein as material terms of any advertisement agreement between ADR Times and the Advertiser. The Advertiser represents that they have full legal authority to place the advertisement submitted. The Advertiser agrees to assume all liability for any and all potential claims against ADR Times arising from the publication of the advertisement submitted.  ADR Times assumes no liability in the event of an omission of advertising placement, or of an advertising misprint or error caused by ADR Times. Upon notification of any potential omission or error, ADR Times will take reasonable steps to evaluate and, if necessary, rectify any omissions, misprints, or errors found in published advertising.

Advertising must be submitted for placement by the Advertiser within one month of the effective date of the Advertising Agreement, and according to the agreed-to timeframes as stated either within this Agreement. The Advertiser agrees that ADR Times incurs no contractual obligation to publish submitted advertisements before the Advertiser pays all advertising-related payments due to ADR Times for the period covered by such payments. If after signing this contract the Advertiser later decides to discontinue advertisement placement before the end of the agreed-to period, the Advertiser may do so but will remain responsible for payment in the full contract amount. An Advertiser’s decision to prematurely discontinue advertising placement shall not constitute grounds by which the Advertiser may seek remuneration for payments already submitted to ADR Times as part of this agreement. Further, should an Advertiser prematurely discontinue advertising placement and then subsequently seek a new advertising agreement with ADR Times, the Advertiser agrees that ADR Times owes the Advertiser no legal obligation to count previous payments towards any new agreement. ADR Times retains the right to allow or disallow, in part or in whole, the Advertiser’s previous payments for periods in which advertising was not published to be deducted from any future agreement.

ADR Times reserves the right to reject any advertising copy or cancel any advertisement at any time, without penalty to either party. ADR Times will not knowingly accept or publish any material that is in violation of the law. In the case of cancellation or rejection by ADR Times, all monies previously paid for advertising not-yet published shall be returned to the Advertiser in an amount limited to that commensurate for the contractual period for which advertising was not published. In such instances, ADR Times shall retain as payment any and all fees or surcharges assessed separately from the payment to be returned for unpublished advertising during the contractually defined period.

The Advertiser agrees to pay in-full for any space reservation or order not canceled on or before a week, or seven (7) calendar days, prior to publication in ADR Times, by the first (1st) day of the month of advertisement publication on the website, or by any other publication or payment deadline previously agreed-to between ADR Times and the Advertiser. If the Advertiser requests that a previously submitted advertising copy be changed to a new copy, but the new copy is not received by the publishing deadline, ADR Times has the right to publish either the old or new copy at its discretion, and the Advertiser agrees to still pay in advance any monies owed for advertising according to previously agreed-to contractual terms with ADR Times.

By submitting your Advertisement to ADR Times, you hereby acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the terms of our Advertising Terms.

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