Arbitration Clause in Contract

Shlomo Bar-Ayal filed a claim against Time Warner Cable, Inc. alleged that they unlawfully collected franchise fees from the Plaintiff and from other similarly situated consumers. The Plaintiff alleges that “Internet access services should not have been included in the calculation of the franchise fee.” The court ultimately determined that the Plaintiff was bound to the arbitration agreement since the Plaintiff had time and opportunity to review it and agree to it.

China Encourages Shift Towards Mediation

Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, mediation lends itself to the concept that “harmony is precious.” As mediation becomes more and more socially acceptable to resolve all types of disputes, Wang said, “Mediation is an effective way to handle social conflicts and promote harmony.”

Power of Arbitration Slowly Deteriorating

Labor unions overwhelmingly opposed this measure which basically allows elected officials to have the final say on an arbitrator’s award. While Arbitration is clearly being undermined, critics of the new measure must ask if arbitration is the ideal forum to resolve labor disputes in these economic times.

Sudan in Transition

Amidst the transition that is occurring in Sudan, it is important that the parties work toward resolution, lest the parties end up in deadlock that is “eerily similar” to the failed peace agreements during the Abuja process.

Polish Round Table Talks – Part III

In an attempt to revamp the negotiations, opposition representatives contacted their adversaries and stipulated that a negotiation was crucial for the benefit of Poland. As a result, negotiations reconvened in early March … The opposition’s actions, which probably precluded an irreconcilable impasse, are most appropriately analyzed in the context of William Ury’s “Five Steps of Breakthrough Negotiation.”

Part III will examine the specific negotiation tactics employed in the Second Official Proposal and analyze why these tactics either succeeded or failed.

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