Amy Lieberman

Amy Lieberman
Experienced and sought-after neutral, Amy Lieberman has helped resolve more than 1,000 disputes and has more than three decades of legal and ADR experience with a special expertise in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration of employment disputes and business and commercial disputes. Frequently retained by litigation counsel, corporations and individuals who wish to resolve conflict through ADR techniques, Amy Lieberman resolves conflicts between executives, key personnel disputes, claims of discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment, ADA violations, wrongful demotion, suspension, termination, wage, executive compensation and severance disputes. Since 2001, Amy’s skilled mediation sessions have influenced thousands to peacefully resolve their conflicts and enjoy the high value benefits that flow from successful closure. Her niche expertise in employment disputes, combined with the rare ability to handle both legal and interpersonal conflict, sets Amy apart, enabling her to embrace tough conflict, and to provide peace of mind and enhanced business relationships. Website:

The D-List for C-Level Conflict

C- Level and senior executive conflicts are a different animal.  Significant amounts of money and even entire businesses can be at stake.  Personalities can be larger than life.  Conflict at this level of any company requires both a pragmatic and...

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