Clearing the Air on Addhar and Sasan: Can Indian Parties Arbitrate in a Foreign Seat under a Foreign Governing Law?

The Court determined that the seat of arbitration could be India and Indian law would apply. In doing so, the Court stated that “both the parties are Indian and cannot derogate the Indian law”.

Shanghai: A Venue for International Arbitrations

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) held a meeting early this week organised by Ruby Zhang, Economic Officer with the British Consulate-General Shanghai, to assist the Shanghai Municipal Commission in identifying what is required to make the Free Trade Zone a more attractive venue for international arbitrations. 

Substitution of Arbitrator(s) by Indian Courts: Aiding, not Intervening

An earlier post on this blog discussed the Bombay High Court’s decision dealing with the issue of delay in rendering an arbitral award. Here, the Delhi High Court’s decision of terminating a tribunal’s mandate on account of delay in the arbitral proceedings had been highlighted.