How to Help Your Child Manage Adolescent Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that affects nearly 20 percent of all children, and if left unmanaged, the consequences can be dire. Studies have shown that children who never successfully manage their anxiety miss out on opportunities, are at a higher risk of underperforming in school and are more likely to engage in substance abuse.

Managing Uncertainty in Mediation Decision Making

Managing uncertainty in mediation decision making is a basic negotiation skill. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of training in law school or in continuing legal education that focuses on the challenges of decision making in the face of uncertainty. I hope this article will fill some of the void.

Learning Emotion Intelligence Backwards

Emotional intelligence comprises 5 basic skills: awareness of emotions, the ability to modulate emotions, the ability to make behavioral choices inspite of emotions, the ability to recognize emotions in others,  and the ability to be empathetic with others.