Fight Hate. Support Victims. What you can do

Fear and hate are rising in this country. The first thing you can do to combat this problem is to commit to fighting this problem. Doesn’t matter what you can do, even a commitment to doing so is a good step. 

A Spike in Hate Crimes

As the election campaign progresses, it is difficult to ignore the continued intolerant and hateful rhetoric against groups perceived to be a threat. Whenever there is a domestic terrorist attacks, irrespective of who causes, we see a rise in hate crimes against religious minorities.

Why Courts may be where the future of Encryption is Decided

We are approaching a sea change when it comes to how personal data is created, stored and repurposed. Recent cases between state, local, and federal governments and companies like Apple and Facebook are breaking new ground in the battle between legitimate law enforcement surveillance and user privacy.

Principles of Faith-Based ADR

A boy and a girl shuffle along, stalked by the shadow of poverty, disease, violence, and death. They are on their way to work at their father’s shop; but it’s doubtful they’ll even make the short distance, let alone work in the shop for the day.

Context is King: A Practical Guide to Reframing in Mediation

Mediation of a conflict moves forward, in part, through the mediator’s efforts in reframing each party’s internal characterization of the dispute. In this practical guide we look at the varying definitions of
reframing, link these definitions to the purposes of
reframing, outline the many ways a mediator can reframe
disputes, and explore the advantages and pitfalls.