I. William Zartman

I. William Zartman
William Zartman is a Jacob Blaustein Professor of International Organizations and Conflict Resolution and Director of Conflict Management. His areas of expertise include: North and Sub-Saharan Africa; Southern Africa; Middle East; developing nations; human rights; international relations; negotiation and conflict resolution; North-South issues; and political risk analysis. Dr. Zartman has a number of publications on negotiation including his work on Beyond Intractability, an online 'encyclopedia' with easy-to-understand essays focused on the dynamics of conflict.

Ripeness – Promoting Strategies

By I. William ZartmanThe parties’ perception of a mutually hurting stalemate is a necessary condition for the opening of negotiations to end a conflict. Once all sides realize they cannot win with further escalation, and the status quo is unacceptably damaging (this...

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