Mediation and the State

Resolving tax disputes has traditionally been a time-consuming process in countries around the world.  Speaking at the celebration of the completion of Phase 1 of CEDR’s twenty-four month commercial mediation project within the country, Phil Batson, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Moldova, suggested to an audience of lawyers, mediators, policy makers, investors, and Government Ministers, that mediation is not restricted to purely business disputes. 

The Bipartisan Bang-Up: When Gridlock Happens

After a victory for the Republican Party in the Senate last week in the US midterm elections, the United States once again finds itself in the unpleasant position of facing utter gridlock: two parties with opposing viewpoints are in positions of high power with circular veto power.

Putting Negotiations in Check: Lessons learned on a lazy Saturday afternoon

During a recent excursion to a café on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a mathematician taught me how to play chess over tea and lunch. Since then, I’ve played another ten games with that same mathematician, and I’ve miraculously only lost nine of them – and as a writer up against someone who actually enjoys mathematics, I consider that a fairly lucky track record.