Robert F. Saint-Aubin

Robert F. Saint-Aubin
Robert F. Saint-Aubin, Co-Chair of the California Bar Litigation Section ADR Committee, serves as a mediator and arbitrator in Southern California and Nevada, including as a Settlement Judge for the Nevada Supreme Court. A graduate of MIT’s Sloan School and University of Pennsylvania Law School, Saint-Aubin has more than forty years of eclectic experience as a corporate, commercial, regulatory and environmental attorney.

Case Note: Facebook vs ConnectU

NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS No. 08-16745, No. 08-16873, No. 09-15021 Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge April 11, 2011 We all love Facebook and the movie Social Network. After a mediated settlement of lawsuits disputing the ownership of Facebook, the Winklevoss twins...

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