Suffolk’s Dwight Golann to Deliver 2018 Schwartz Lecture on Dispute Resolution at Moritz Law at Ohio State

Modern teaching about negotiation emphasizes opportunities for achieving joint gain and the need to measure a settlement proposal against one’s alternatives.  

Mediator Marya Cody Kolman to give Lawrence Lecture at Moritz on September 21

Marya Cody Kolman–former Association for Conflict Resolution President, Director of Mediation Services for the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Division of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch.

Ninth Circuit joins Seventh Circuit in Rejecting Employment Class Action Waivers Under the NLRA

Companies have increasingly included provisions in employment contracts forcing workers to arbitrate claims individually as a way to avoid the cost of litigating class actions

ABA Abitration and Negotation Competitions — Sign up today!

The ABA sponsors and runs two ADR-related student competitions – the Arbitration Competition and the Negotiation Competition. These competition teams are a terrific way to provide skills training to students and for them to learn by doing.

Grande Lum Joins Moritz’s Divided Community Project as Director–Website Launched

The Project aims to strengthen community efforts to transform division into action and focuses on how communities can respond constructively to civil unrest as well as on how they can identify and meaningfully address the reasons underlying community division.

Addressing Community Division and Civil Unrest Divided Community Project Part 2

Key Considerations proposes six suggestions for dealing with the immediate aftermath of a divisive incident and makes two suggestions for longer-term strategies for addressing the causes of conflict.