Types of Conciliation: Which One Would Work for You?

Types of Conciliation

The types of conciliation can be overwhelming and confusing to sort through to find the best process for a given dispute.  Parties have to evaluate whether arbitration, mediation, conciliation, or facilitation would fit best to resolve a dispute between the parties, and then the parties also have to prepare for the process that they choose.  …

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Conflict Resolution Jobs – ADR Career Path

Conflict resolution jobs

Because conflict is a part of daily life, many people are starting to see the value in creating conflict resolution jobs to resolve the conflict that arises within the workplace and other situations.  The prevalence of alternative dispute resolution and other forms of conflict resolution has also encouraged the creation of conflict resolution degrees and …

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What is a Conciliation Hearing?

conciliation hearing

A conciliation hearing is typically a hearing that happens in a court called Conciliation Court.  Many states have a court that they send claims under a certain value to that removes much of the procedure and time that a regular court proceeding requires to resolve smaller disputes more productively.  In some places, this is called …

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How does arbitration work – Legal Terms Clarified

How Arbitration Works

If someone were to ask me “How does arbitration work?” I could only give the most basic definition in response without the answers to a number of questions. Arbitration is an adjudicatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, in which the parties consent to have a neutral third party or parties decide the outcome of a …

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Definition of Facilitator: Legal Terms Explained

Definition of facilitator

“Facilitator” is a word used often in alternative dispute resolution discussions, but the definition of facilitator is rarely defined fully.  Facilitators usually lead the discussion and help move the dispute resolution process forward. Finding the right facilitator can resolve a dispute with the best possible results.  But what exactly is a facilitator? Are mediators and arbitrators …

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10 Best Mediation Books of All Time

Top 10 Mediation Books of All Time

Mediation is a topic with profound implications. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how the mediation process works and how it can benefit a person’s life. Two loved ones quarreling can be complicated, but even something as simple as two coworkers arguing can be challenging to deal with every day. Hence, learning how to use …

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Benefits of Mediation: Confidential & Convenient

What are the benefits of mediation? Often, mediation and meditation are confused. Potential customers and eager salesmen call one kind of office looking for the other service all the time.  Internet search engines bring up the wrong results, especially if there have not been prior similar searches, or the search was voice-activated. Mediation vs. Meditation …

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A Predispute Arbitration Clause – Arbitration Agreement Explained

predispute arbitration clause

Agreeing to arbitration before a dispute: in most signed contracts, there are predispute arbitration clauses.  Businesses and companies have been implementing arbitration as a way to resolve disputes outside of traditional litigation.  It creates a space for parties to resolve disputes confidently and efficiently while still issuing a binding decision for the parties to follow. …

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Mediation Game – Conflict Management in Action

Mediation Game

A mediation game is how a participant in a mediation understands and strategizes during mediation to walk away with a desirable outcome.  This includes understanding the basics of mediation, the different types of mediation, and the training that a mediation participant has had.  In some cases, mediation training can also include actual mediation games played …

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