George Floyd $27M Settlement Before Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict

George Floyd $27M Settlement

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black man, laid on the ground under the knee of Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, for what we now know was around nine minutes.  In a video that almost everyone around the world would see in the following days. Chauvin brushed off the concerns of bystanders …

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How to settle a dispute without going to court

How to settle a dispute without going to court

As parties are preparing for trials or hearings, they may be wondering how to settle a dispute without going to court. A trial can be costly, and the outcome of a trial is never guaranteed, even with some great evidence and a fantastic lawyer.  Resolving a dispute outside of court can give the parties control …

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Top 50 ADR Blawgs to Follow

ADR Blawgs

In the third installment in our series on ADR resources, we focus on the top ADR blawgs (law blogs) to follow.  Blogging has become a way for organizations, law firms, and individual practitioners to share research, ideas, stories, and advice with other people around the world.  Many people have turned to blogs to find a …

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Preparing For a Mediation in 10 Steps

man in blue long sleeve shirt holding smartphone

Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a system of processes designed to assist parties in resolving their disputes economically and more quickly than the traditional court system. Its value lies in reducing the time, cost and uncertainty in the civil justice system. The key to achieving successful results in ADR is preparation. The following represents the basic steps for an attorney to prepare for a mediation hearing.

Mediation Opening Statements

An Illustration of the Model Mediation Opening

Article Clarifications: 1. A guideline or checklist of topic points was developed to cover a typical start-to-finish opening statement scenario. Those topic bullet points are designated in bold print but are not meant to be spoken. 2. Italic text enclosed in parentheses explains the mediator’s objective. 3. Bold text enclosed in parentheses are technical tips …

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Fact Finding Arbitration

Fact-Finding Arbitration

The year 1619 marked the first strike on American soil. It occurred in the Jamestown colony of what is now Virginia, and was then an English colony. Shipyard workers who were denied the vote because they were not of English descent refused to work.  Jamestown Company officials bowed to the pressure and work resumed. Despite …

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Types of Conciliation: Which One Would Work for You?

Types of Conciliation

The types of conciliation can be overwhelming and confusing to sort through to find the best process for a given dispute.  Parties have to evaluate whether arbitration, mediation, conciliation, or facilitation would fit best to resolve a dispute between the parties, and then the parties also have to prepare for the process that they choose.  …

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Conflict Resolution Jobs – ADR Career Path

Conflict resolution jobs

Because conflict is a part of daily life, many people are starting to see the value in creating conflict resolution jobs to resolve the conflict that arises within the workplace and other situations.  The prevalence of alternative dispute resolution and other forms of conflict resolution has also encouraged the creation of conflict resolution degrees and …

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What is a Conciliation Hearing?

conciliation hearing

A conciliation hearing is typically a hearing that happens in a court called Conciliation Court.  Many states have a court that they send claims under a certain value to that removes much of the procedure and time that a regular court proceeding requires to resolve smaller disputes more productively.  In some places, this is called …

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