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“Blood Money” Mediation

SRC Mediation May Save Filipino on Death Row: Migrante

Arab News
July 4, 2011

A Sudanese landlord brutally beat a young man called Zapanta who refused to give him rent which was not yet due. A fight ensued and the young man accidentally killed the landlord, perhaps in self defense. After Zapanta was convicted and sentenced to death, Zapanta’s lawyer offered the victim’s family blood money which was rejected.

Now, the assistance of the Saudi Reconciliation Committee (SRC) is being sought to convince the Sudanese family “to accept the blood money in exchange for forgiveness for a Filipino worker sentenced to death on murder charges.” While the family continues to reject the offer, time will tell if the SRC has an impact. When the criminal justice system fails as it may have here, is mediation over “blood money” really the only alternative?

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