Why Can’t We Fix Anything Anymore?

The answer that Guy and I have is that almost all of the problems that they identify that are in need of fixing our underlain by conflict problems and we haven’t learned how to deal successfully with intractable conflict. Let me illustrate.

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Supreme Court Will Examine Difference Between “Arbitrability” and “Jurisdiction”

The Supreme Court has granted certiorari to review the decision of the 1st Circuit in Oliveira v. New Prime, Inc. (No. 15-2364, May 12, 2017).   One of the issues before the Court is particularly interesting:  Whether a delegation clause vesting in an arbitrator questions of arbitrability of a claim has the effect of removing from a court any power to determine whether the court has jurisdiction to grant a motion to compel arbitration.

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Pick a Mood, any Mood – Just Pick a Good One

There aren’t many benefits to being in a bad mood, even if that’s your reliable, long-standing default mode. Being in a bad mood can make you less effective, less open to creative solutions, and due to stress, it can affect your health.  Most peoples’ jobs have a degree of stress, some much more than others.

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A Complexity-Oriented Approach

The MOOS seminars all take what we call a complexity-oriented approach to intractability and responses to it.  While our primary focus is on very large-scale conflicts (the kind that involve millions of people), much of what we have to say is also applicable to smaller scale conflicts.

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