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The Simple Act of Kindness in Mediation

Last weekend was Father’s Day and I took note of two stories that seemed useful in mediation. The first, was on CBS Sunday Morning where the editorial piece reflected upon how student athletes, from Little League through College, end each game, however hard fought, with a handshake and a “high five”. 

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Arbitration In the Eye of the Storm

Sometimes current events provide a perfect storm to educate about arbitration basics. This is one of those occasions. Here are questions that friends and colleagues–or rather storming mad people–have asked me in the past day or so….

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Un-Vacated: Arbitration Awards Get Whiplash

Two cases recently fit in one of my favorite categories: those awards that get “un-vacated.”  These cases went through arbitration, had that arbitration award vacated by a district court, only to have the award later resurrected by an appellate court….

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