What is a Consent Decree? 

What is a Consent Decree? 

The recent rise in consent decrees in the news, especially concerning the topic of policing, may have some people wonder what a consent decree is.  Consent decrees may feel very similar to other forms of settlement agreements, and in some ways, they function similarly, but there are key aspects to a consent decree that may …

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EEOC Mediation

Resolving employment discrimination claims through the EEOC is often a headache for all of the parties involved, meaning that both the employee and the employer will benefit from having the EEOC mediation process explained.  The EEOC is responsible for investigating and enforcing federal employment discrimination laws, and these investigations are called claims.  During this investigation …

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The Mediator’s Role in Family Mediation

The Mediator's Role in Family Mediation

Divorce is ranked second on the list of stressful events in one’s life, the first being death of a spouse. This is an emotional time for the parties. However, the only purpose of most settlement meetings is to resolve the outstanding legal issues in the divorce. Emotions and post-divorce dynamics are rarely factored into them.

What is the Purpose of the Bilateral Investment Treaty?

It is unlikely that one can make it through a discussion about international investment without considering the impact of bilateral investment treaties.  Bilateral investment treaties, or BITs, offer a higher level of protection, and options for dispute resolution, than investments without such treaties. Yet a person investing in their own country without much, or any, …

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Objecting to Form

Objecting to Form

Attorneys participating in a deposition with their client will often encounter an objection to the form.  They can either be the person using the objection or the person explaining the question, but the objection is likely to find its way into the deposition, as there will likely be at least one question asked that an …

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Legal Representation: Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Legal Representation

As disputes arise and parties are beginning to consider some form of legal action or resolution process, the parties will likely be considering legal representation.  There are a variety of factors that will go into a party’s decision on whether or not to hire a lawyer, and there are benefits and drawbacks to hiring a …

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Consumer Arbitration

Consumer Arbitration

For many consumers in the United States, buying a product or service that does not work out could result in a person wondering how consumer arbitration works.  For many years, courts have upheld forcing disputes into arbitration when a consumer contract, which a consumer often signs and accepts simply by purchasing an item, designates that …

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Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation vs. Litigation

For those facing the need to resolve a dispute, they may return to the common question of whether mediation or litigation is the best option to resolve the dispute.  Comparing the two processes will often result in a lot of differences, and the types of resolution are very distinct.  However, this does not intrinsically mean …

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Justice vs. Fairness and the World of ADR

Justice vs. Fairness

Justice and fairness are words that have found their way to the front of our minds this year in the United States.  The country has been facing increased calls for justice and fairness for all Americans, regardless of the color of their skin or other characteristics.  As the year has continued, many people have had …

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