How to Start Mediation The Right Way

How to Start Mediation

The best mediators know how to start mediation in the best way for the particular individual. As mediation has grown in popularity, you have likely heard the benefits of solving problems through the process. Once you’ve understood how helpful mediation can be for conflict resolution, you will probably consider using it for your next conflict. …

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What Happens in Mediation? How the Process Works

What Happens in Mediation

What happens in mediation? Mediation has become a vital part of the conflict resolution system, yet many people have not experienced mediation, nor do they understand the process. This can cause people to decide not to participate or have many reservations about it. It can also feel overwhelming because the people involved may not know …

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How to Become a Mediator in NY

If you’re interested in helping people resolve conflicts and navigate difficult situations, a career as a mediator could be perfect for you. Alternative dispute resolution is a popular option for people who want to avoid the court system. In the state of New York, there are several paths to becoming a mediator. Here’s a step-by-step …

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What is a Contingent Contract? The Pros & Cons

What is a Contingent Contract?

A contingent contract may sound like an oxymoron, as the finality of contracts is often emphasized. Still, the flexibility of negotiating contingent agreements can help keep a contract intact, even if the parties’ position changes. Negotiating the terms of a contract can be difficult, and when the parties cannot reach an agreement because of something …

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How to Become a Mediator in Arizona: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Become a Mediator in Arizona

Are you interested in becoming a mediator in Arizona? If so, you’re in the right place. Mediation is an increasingly popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) used to help people resolve conflicts without going to court. As a mediator, you’ll play a crucial role in helping parties come to a mutually satisfactory agreement. In …

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How Do Lawyers Negotiate Settlements: A Guide

How Do Lawyers Negotiate Settlements

You may be wondering what goes into the settlement process and just how lawyers negotiate settlements. When you are harmed by someone else’s negligence, like in a car accident, you may decide to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. While the litigation process can bring just compensation and help you resolve an insurance claim, …

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What is the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS)?

FMCS New Mediator Class of 2019

The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) is the nation’s largest independent public agency for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and conflict management, providing mediation and conflict resolution services in the private, public, and federal sectors.

What is Mediation? Understanding the ADR Process

What is mediation

What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that uses a trained, neutral third party to assist two conflicting parties into mutually acceptable solutions. Mediation has become a popular option for resolving disputes. It helps take the disputing parties outside of court proceedings and into a space to focus on finding a mutually …

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Types of Mediation: Evaluative, Facilitative, and Transformative

Types of Mediation

Understanding the types of mediation is a vital skill when preparing for and participating in mediation.  Knowing how the mediator is operating and what skills they are using is important for the parties and their counsel to work best with the mediator and still emphasize what is an important consideration for them.  It is also …

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Earn Your Mediator Certification Online

Mediator Certification Online

For those looking to begin a career in dispute resolution or hoping to become a professional mediator, the first step is often looking at the options to earn a mediator certification online. Mediation certification is not regulated by most states, so it can often be difficult to determine what mediation certification is the correct one …

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