Does the Mediation Process Work? Learn with ADR Times

Does the Mediation Process Work? Learn with ADR Times

Mediation has become a viable alternative to traditional litigation. It brings the parties together in an environment separate from the competitive and adversarial courtroom and encourages collaboration and cooperation to solve an issue, perhaps in a creative way that could not be achieved by a jury or bench trial. The process is often cost-effective and …

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7 Proven Steps to Start Creating An Excellent Mediation Brief

Attorneys receive lots of training and spend countless hours practicing to prepare winning appellate briefs, arguments, and summary judgment motions. With that said, it’s important to also focus on mediation brief. Unfortunately, mediation briefs are either overlooked, prepared at the last minute, or both. However, mediation briefs have much more of an influence on the mediation process than you might think.

The Dispute Resolution Continuum

People talk about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as if it’s one process. But it isn’t. It is a continuum of processes that vary by relative control over the outcome, length, expense and confidentiality. This article will help you understand the variety of processes available, and select the one that will efficiently settle your company’s or client’s dispute.

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