Mediator’s Opening Statement

Mediator's Opening Statement

Mike was excited.  The classes were over at last, the internship was done, and he’d been approved for the civil panel. Today was his first solo mediation. He opened the door and strode in.  The lawyers and their clients looked up expectantly at Mike. He froze.  What should he say next?Where we begin a journey …

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Mediation Confidentiality and its Jurisdictional Challenges

Mediation Confidentiality & Jurisdictional Challenges

Any lawyer who has taken a case to mediation knows – at least in some vague, general way – that settlement discussions occurring during the mediation enjoy some level of confidentiality protection. Mediators themselves, of course, may have some greater understanding of what is and is not confidential during the mediation process, but even a …

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Emotions In Mediation

Emotions in Mediation

Bob had been Fred’s client for a long time.  Normally, he was low-key and easy-going. Not today.  He was angry and it showed.  His wife Keiko sat teary-eyed and sniffling next to him.‘Fred, I want you to make George Stevens’ life a misery, do you hear me?” “I hear you, Bob. But I don’t get …

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Mediation Opening Statements Illustrated

An Illustration of the Model Mediation Opening

Article Clarifications: 1. A guideline or checklist of topic points was developed to cover a typical start-to-finish opening statement scenario. Those topic bullet points are designated in bold print but are not meant to be spoken. 2. Italic text enclosed in parentheses explains the mediator’s objective. 3. Bold text enclosed in parentheses are technical tips …

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10 Best Mediation Books of All Time

Top 10 Mediation Books of All Time

Mediation is a topic with profound implications. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how the mediation process works and how it can benefit a person’s life. Two loved ones quarreling can be complicated, but even something as simple as two coworkers arguing can be challenging to deal with every day. Hence, learning how to use …

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Early Neutral Evaluation: Encouraging Settlement and Understanding

Early Neutral Evaluation

Occasionally, a court will recommend an early neutral evaluation shortly after a case has been filed.  Courts will usually recommend this when they believe an evaluation may help the parties accurately see their positions compared to the other party’s and potentially think about a settlement.   Sometimes, a court will recommend the case to early …

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Anger Masks Emotions in Mediation

Anger Masks Emotions in Mediation

Famed psychologist Paul Ekman calls anger one of the six basic emotions. He notes that its expression is universal across cultures. Even as infants, we instinctively recognize and react to its presence in those around us. According to Ekman, anger originates when an important goal is frustrated, or someone tries to hurt us or someone we feel responsible for, physically or psychologically. Under this definition, anger is a response to threatening external stimuli, which is often accompanied by a desire to hurt the source of the anger producing events.

Mediating With Insurance Companies – 10 Ways To Be Successful

It’s no secret that insurance carriers have altered their practices in the past several years. Authority and independent judgment they previously possessed has been removed from adjusters, managers, and supervisors as executives in the companies strive for uniformity in claims handling and ironclad control over settlement decisions. Rarely at mediation is there a person present …

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Mediation Privilege: The Twin Supports of Resolution (Part 2 of 2)

Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege: The Twin Supports of Resolution

The companion provision to mediation confidentiality is the mediation privilege, which makes evidence of mediation communications inadmissible in future legal proceedings. As with the confidentiality provisions discussed above, local laws are a crazy quilt, with only about half the states having adopted the UMA or similar provisions. The federal courts are even more inconsistent.

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