Defining Partiality

Defining Partiality

Within the alternative dispute resolution sphere, the word partiality, or more commonly impartiality, is used often, but for some new to the field, it can be difficult to define.  It often feels like a type of action that would normally be easily identifiable, but in the world of alternative dispute resolution, the prohibition against partiality …

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How to ask for a divorce?

How to ask for a divorce

While all parts of the divorce process can be difficult, asking your spouse to initiate a divorce can be one of the most difficult parts of the process.  Learning how to ask for a divorce can be a daunting task when one spouse has decided that separation is the best thing for the family.  Even …

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Objecting to Form

Objecting to Form

Attorneys participating in a deposition with their client will often encounter an objection to the form.  They can either be the person using the objection or the person explaining the question, but the objection is likely to find its way into the deposition, as there will likely be at least one question asked that an …

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Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation vs. Litigation

For those facing the need to resolve a dispute, they may return to the common question of whether mediation or litigation is the best option to resolve the dispute.  Comparing the two processes will often result in a lot of differences, and the types of resolution are very distinct.  However, this does not intrinsically mean …

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Arbitration Appeals: A Safety Valve That Is Fast, Fair, Cost-Effective, and Final

Arbitration Appeals

By Patricia H. Thompson, FCIArb Arbitration provides a toolbox of dispute resolution options that are quicker, more targeted, and less expensive than litigation. However, formal and informal surveys reveal that one important component of this toolbox is unknown or misunderstood by corporate and outside counsel: the parties’ contractual right to appeal the final award, “on …

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