How to Prepare for a Real Estate Arbitration?

How to prepare for a real estate arbitration? When problems arise in buying or selling real estate, many participants have started to turn to real estate arbitration and mediation.  Buying and selling real estate is a big decision, whether it is a family home or a giant corporate center.  Negotiating and agreeing on a price …

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Piercing The Corporate Veil To Collect On Award Is Outside Scope of Arbitration Clause

The highest court in the District of Columbia has held that piercing the corporate veil is outside the scope of the arbitration clause in Giron v. Dodds, 2012 WL 18574 (D.C. Ct. App. 2012). But the case’s reasoning may extend to all cases in which a party must bring a court case in order to collect on an arbitration award.

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