Managing Workplace Conflict During The Holidays

Managing Workplace Conflict During The Holidays

The holiday season is meant to be a season of thanks, of giving, of love and of friendship. Picture yourself with a mug of your favorite tea or hot chocolate, sitting in the cozy corner of your couch in front of a fireplace surrounded by family, friends, good food, and laughter. At work, this means …

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Expectations Management At Work

Ever get mad at someone because they did something you didn’t expect? Of course you have, we all have. They’re not something we directly think about every day, but expectations are a key component of what drives many peoples’ behavior – including our own – all the time. When we sit down at a nice …

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How to Fire an Employee without Getting Sued

I’ve practiced employment law for more than 35 years, representing both employees and employers. I‘ve also been selected as an Arbitrator in more than 50 employment arbitrations. As a result of this experience, I have come to recognize common factors that often precipitate wrongful termination cases.  While there’s no way to guarantee a lawsuit won’t …

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Responding to Hostile Emails

Hostile mail – especially email – has become much more common over the past decade. Most of this mail is just “venting,” and has little real significance. However, when people are involved in a formal conflict (a divorce, a workplace grievance, a homeowners’ association complaint, etc.) there may be more frequent and intensely hostile mail. …

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Med-Arb for Your Business Dispute

In 1998, Professor Thomas J. Stipanowich, then of the University of Kentucky, was asked to chart the future of arbitration in the 21st Century.  He suggested then that arbitrators would increasingly be asked to “wear more than one hat.” That is, he predicted the growth of hybrid forms of dispute resolution such as “med-arb,” a process …

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A New Model of Intra-Corporate Conflict Resolution

Executive turnover is costly.  Signing bonuses, search fees, severance packages, and much more bring estimates of the turnover cost of a “C-suite” employee to $1.5 million. Consulting firms estimate the cost at 1.5 to 3 times annual salary, or more.Yet executives don’t always mesh well.  Personality clashes, disagreements on corporate strategy, or the corporate governance …

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Responding to the Types of Workplace Conflict

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Unleashing The Healing Benefits of an Effective Workplace Investigation

The average working American devotes more time to work than to family, leisure, or even sleep.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, time spent working beats time spent sleeping by an entire hour. Given the amount of time and energy we spend at work—plus the fact that conflict is a frequent and natural byproduct of …

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Organizations Need to Get Better at Detecting Conflict

Imagine a town where the streets are constantly filled with police, but where there are no burglar alarms. There may be so many police that crime is low, since every street corner is always being monitored, but the resources and manpower required to field such a large force is overwhelming. Now, imagine if that same …

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