Distractions Greatly Affect Female Teenager Drivers than Males


Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver are carried out by The AAA Foundation for Travel Safety wherein the actions of teen motorists while in the car are supervised through video. Revealed in this weblog, the prevalent reason behind teen deaths are auto accidents. Therefore, a research was made to be able to figure out the driver’s actions while in their car that placed their lives in danger.

The AAA was able to view teen activities behind the wheel during the course of research. With the unneeded activities they conduct while driving a car, they often lose concentration on the street. Texting while driving a vehicle and putting on makeup are a few of the common aspects that result in distraction. Furthermore, fiddling a whole lot while driving is also one of the primary causes.

Among these distractions, using gadgets primarily contribute to teenage drivers’ distraction. An alarming 70% of the motorists used an electronic device while driving. Teenage drivers who are older have even increased number of utilizing electronics.

It was found in these studies that female youngsters use greater amounts of time in using mobile phones and other electronic devices when compared to males that’s the reason why gender is considered as an essential factor. When compared to male teen drivers, female teen drivers do annoying behaviors whilst driving for example drinking, eating and reaching for items more often.

What was specifically interesting was the finding that whenever parents or adults were in the vehicle, distracting behavior among the teens decreased. Nevertheless, it’s the exact opposite whenever it’s just their peers that are accompanying them. Distracting behavior increases when they’re only driving with teenagers.

People do not find this research as shocking brought by the constant increase on accidents caused by distracted driving. Our office offers high regard to educators, lawmakers and folks who’re involved in decreasing distracted driving behaviors on the roads of South Florida. Yet, more has to be done to protect drivers, passengers as well as pedestrians. accident law firm


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