How Do We Tell The Kids About Divorce?

Two of the most frequent questions asked by parents who decide to divorce is, “What should we tell the children?” and “How should we tell them?” Most parents feel anxious before  telling their children about the pending divorce.  The task can generate feelings of guilt, sadness, anger and shame. Parents want to protect their children from the pain of divorce, and especially from seeing themselves as the reason their parents divorced.

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Marriage Mediation: What is it? Do I need it?

Many people have gone through, or at least heard of, divorce mediation. In that process, parties try to reach agreement about the division of property, spousal and child support, custody and visitation. Of course it doesn’t solve everything. All of these ideas are fairly familiar.

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I Want A Divorce – But Is Getting a Divorce the Best Option?

Most people who go after a divorce falsely presume that once they file the divorce papers, they can quickly go on with their lives and get away from conflict and turmoil. In reality, if two individuals go into a divorce without acceptance of the divorce situation, this can spell out trouble for all parties involved. Without proper acceptance of the situation of the divorce, both parties will be unable and unwilling to let go of their finances or the past. For this reason, couples seeking a divorce should first ask themselves a few important questions to ensure that the divorce process goes along as smoothly as possible.

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