Elder Care

Elderly Parents And Adult Children Bond Through Mediation

Independence is a hard habit to break, and for many older Americans in declining health, changes and adjustments are often made harder by well-meaning children, advisers and health care workers pushing their own opinions of what’s best. Deciding where to live, what kind of medical care is appropriate and what role other family members should play are tough questions. And in some cases, a professional mediator can make the difference between family harmony and all-out war.

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Mediation and Facilitation with Elders

Barbara Proctor offers two-day workshop titled “Working with Elders in Mediation and Facilitation” sponsored by Humboldt Mediation Services on June 21 and 22 at the Humboldt Area Foundation. “As the population ages, some elders are no longer able to make all decisions relating to their health, personal matters, living situation or finances.”

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When to Call an Elder Mediator

When family battles over an elder are ready to boil over, it may be time to call in an expert. Mediation is hard work. Family members today often are scattered across the country; siblings frequently are pigeonholed in decades-old roles (the pretty one, the smart one); agreements normally aren’t binding in the eyes of the law, unless an attorney drafts a contract; and happy endings aren’t guaranteed. An elder mediator’s commitment to addressing such problems, “can minimize a lot of suffering.”

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Arbitration of Elder Abuse Claims Against Public Policy

Bickel v. Sunrise Assisted Living(cite as F062443), filed May 21, 2012, Fifth District, determined that contractually waiving attorney fees and costs as part of  arbitration of elder abuse claims is violative of public policy under the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Proection Act particularly Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15657.

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Elder Care Threatened As Employees Strike

Approximately 1500 nurses and caregivers who provide care at the Oceania Group will walk off the job a second time. Even though the employees have given extended notice of the strike, there are still complaints that the largest provider is no longer providing adequate care. The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) and Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) will resume mediation with Oceania on Thursday in an effort to settle the nine-month long dispute.

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Dignity and Respect

Lately, I’ve
been thinking a lot about “old people.”   As part of a younger
generation, this may seem like an odd topic to reflect on, but I
recently read the Pulitzer Prize winning novel “The Good Earth” by Pearl
S. Buck (a fellow West Virginia native).   In it, the main character,
Wang Lung, follows Chinese traditions and morals of filial piety, and he
has a strong sense of duty to his family.   Dutifully, he takes care of
his parent despite various hardships in his own life.


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Elder Mediation

Adult children often begin to have concerns about their parents as they age.  This is a tricky situation but elder mediation allows mediators to “come in as a neutral third-party to help families negotiate difficult situations and choices.”  Together, the family members can come up with a unified solution while still leaving everyone dignified and respected.

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