Embracing Your Whole Self

Embracing Your Whole Self

Are you really who you think you are?

At a subtle level, there are various energies that act in concert to create our state of Consciousness & Beingness. Many of us are unaware, or even worse, fragmented withIn, lacking harmony or unified concert of inner energies. Disarray, chaotic functioning & inefficient energy, all left unaddressed. All it takes is a subtle shift withIn, to unify & consciously choose to step into Wholeness.

Awareness shifted impacts the Consciousness Field

Only be understanding opposite polarities or paradoxical energies playing out withIn ourSelf do we really choose to step into freedom & liberation by regaining Wholeness & reclaiming Power.
If you choose to continue operating the “old/same way” without consciously shifting into whole BEingness, how can it be discerned if this is even the real “you” & not a habitual pattern or adopted personality, simply a default mode based on conditioned upbringing?

Ask yourself: If I was not “me,” who would I be?

Without fully embracing these fragmented energies, we don’t use or have access to all of our Power. The Key is embracing all sub-parts & energies without identifying with any one part as “the You”.

The Power of Allowing

Allow & embrace paradoxical polarities to harmonize the whole system of your Being. That is Healing or making the bio-system Whole. At first, these energy & awareness shifts feel like trying on a new outfit, it takes time to adjust into them & you may feel uncomfortable at first.

  • Be patient & gentle with yourSelf
  • Do not judge or identify with your experience
  • Each of us has the potential to be Pure Unified Awareness while containing a multiplicity of different sub-energies

Ask yourself: Who is actually running my Show?
If you are not sure, it is likely that you may be fragmented & not intentionally in control of your Awareness & Consciousness, because various sub-parts that are drivers at the ‘wheel of your life’. By seeing & embracing these energies, we regain Wholeness & reclaim our Power, resulting in objective focus & consciously directing the course of your life.

Check-out this potent video to learn more about this wisdom:


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Hass Sadeghi
Hass Sadeghi, Esq., M.D.R. is the founder of Lawyoracle, where he shows leaders how to ascend to their fullest Light potential & unite teams to shine bright together. A lawyer and mediator by training, he is not currently actively practicing law, but rather actualizing his Mission of bringing Light to the Law by elevating it as a tool for healing & transformation. Hass does this by training legal professionals about self-care and using the law as a tool for healing & creating a space for transformation. To learn more please email him directly at [email protected] ***Dedication: Tim Pownall (RIP) was seminal in planting the Seed to shine my Light as a force for Collective Good (as an Agent of Change, which he embodied for many of us), so I am extra enLightened to cocreate with Mark & his team here, furthering a Torch passed to us by Tim as a Wayshower: using ADR as a Force to bring peace, ascension & harmony to the world.