Arbitration In the Eye of the Storm

Sometimes current events provide a perfect storm to educate about arbitration basics. This is one of those occasions. Here are questions that friends and colleagues–or rather storming mad people–have asked me in the past day or so….

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Ten Duel Commandments

The so-called “ten duel commandments” reveal that the whole ritual of dueling actually incorporates a system based on negotiation. In the song that lays out the commandments of dueling, note that they provide at least three opportunities to back away from going through with the contest.  At the outset, the person challenged can avoid a duel by apologizing

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“Us” vs. “Them”

Why should we even listen to them? They have nothing to say to us. They’ll just make us angry. They lied to us, and we can’t trust anything they say. Anyway, they can’t possibly win, if there is any justice. What they did was wrong, and blatantly illegal.

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Reality TV Discovers Mediation

Remember when we used to lament the fact that there were no mediation tv shows?  Well we had Fairly Legal which was farcically formulaic and often a bit silly.  Now we have Untying the Knot, a new reality series on the Bravo network.

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