Not engaging with commercial conflict: Alicante, Kigali, Tbilisi

Last month was a busy one spent working on three very diverse projects in different parts of the world. On reflection it is interesting that all three projects in part involved the same issue: how to get those in conflict to engage in the resolution of their own conflicts rather than avoiding it or giving it to someone else to resolve.

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Improving Your Judgment Like a Star Athlete Does

Andre Agassi was admitted to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2011. He still has something special to teach lawyers about improving our judgment. Lawyers are in the business of selling judgment.  The focus of our training is the law so that we can understand it and inform our clients on its dictates or consequences for a project or problem that they face

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“The Godfather” Prequel Mediation Successful

Paramount and the Mario Puzo estate have mediated an interim agreement that allows for the distribution of a “Godfather” sequel novel, but both sides are continuing their litigation over the rights in a New York federal court. he Ed Falco-penned “The Family Corleone,” based on an unproduced Puzo screenplay, was released on Tuesday from Grand Central Publishing.

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Looking for leadership inspiration

It may not be the most career-enhancing move to worry about leadership in conflict resolution just a couple of months after the boss [Karl Mackie] gets his well-deserved CBE, but I’ve been worrying about where the next generation of leaders are coming from.

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Want you back for good?

The recent completion of the reunion of Nineties teen idols Take That after their 1996 split is a poignant reminder of the value of long term relationships and how hard they can be to revive once we let them slip into disrepair.

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