Family Law

Stone Soup Project needs you!

Dispute resolution is defined broadly and includes dispute system design, conflict management, organizational decision-making, dispute prevention, and transactional negotiation, among other things.

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Contribute to the Asynchronous Resource share at the ABA Conference

Like many of you, we are thrilled to see a session added to the program about “living room conversations,” where Section of Dispute Resolution Chair Ben Davis will speak about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his assassination.  We agree with Ben about its importance and relevance, and we urge everyone to participate.

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John Paul Lederach’s Peacebuilding Pyramid

First published in 1997 in his seminl book Building Peace, this “pyramid” or “triangle,” as it is called is referred to and used by many peacebuilding scholars and practitioners.  It also is one of the early examples of looking at peacebuilders as being parts of a complex system. 

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Conflict Transformation

Conflict transformation is accurate because the core of my work is indeed about engaging myself in constructive change initiatives that include and go beyond the resolution of particular problems.

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You can make a Stone Soup at ABA Conference

This project is designed to engage younger people in our field and the Section.  If you see them at the conference, please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  You will be able to recognize them as they will have special ribbons on their nametags

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