Marriage Mediation: What is it? Do I need it?

Many people have gone through, or at least heard of, divorce mediation. In that process, parties try to reach agreement about the division of property, spousal and child support, custody and visitation. Of course it doesn’t solve everything. All of these ideas are fairly familiar.

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Domestic Violence Victims Paired With Sympathetic Employers

These days Linnea Lindstrom holds the position of executive director of the Mystic Chamber of Commerce, but at one time in her life she was struggling and in debt after a difficult divorce, with no family to turn to for support. While she was not physically abused in her marriage, Lindstrom vividly remembers all the obstacles and hardships of those times and has now created in her region a service designed to match women who are victims of domestic violence with employers sympathetic to their scheduling and child care conflicts.

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