Interests, Positions, Needs, and Values

Politics is very often fought over positions more than interests. Everyone in the U.S. shares the same interests: we want to have good jobs and we want those jobs to be safe; we want our families to be healthy, safe, and have opportunities to thrive

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You can make a Stone Soup at ABA Conference

This project is designed to engage younger people in our field and the Section.  If you see them at the conference, please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  You will be able to recognize them as they will have special ribbons on their nametags

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State Supreme Courts Falling In Line On Arbitration

In a fitting ending to a post about high courts,  our nation’s highest court has agreed to decide a new arbitration case.  The case, New Prime Inc. v . Oliveira, comes from the 1st Circuit and raises two questions: whether a court or arbitrator should decide if an exemption to the FAA applies; and whether the FAA’s exemption (in Section 1) includes independent contractors.

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You may be forgiven if you assume that these labels are the result of weighty deliberations in the bloggers’ respective ivory towers, with decisions tabulated by major accounting firms.  Forgiven, but wrong.

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