International Conflicts

The Difference Between Conflicts and Disputes

Most people probably do not recognize a distinct difference between the terms “conflict” and “dispute.” However, many conflict scholars do draw a distinction between the two terms. As is unfortunately common in this field, different scholars define the terms in different ways, leading to confusion.

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Emotions and International Negotiations

In cross-cultural negotiations, emotions and feelings are just as important as the facts.  These emotions are “messaged” in various ways including “verbal” and “non-verbal.” These signals often vary based on different cultures as well as how these signals are “read” or “misread” by others. 

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Dispute Resolution in Israel – Welcome to the Mouth of the Volcano

On the sixth day of our trip, we met with an Israeli security and negotiation expert Ron Schatzberg. Ron works for the Tel Aviv-based think tank, the Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF), whose mission is to promote a stable, peaceful and prosperous two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ron gave us a geopolitical perspective on the conflict by taking us into the country-side so that we could view the geography of the situation first-hand from several Jerusalem hilltops

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