Karl Bayer Welcomes Its 2011 Summer Interns

The team at Karl Bayer, Dispute Resolution Expert is pleased to announce that we will be joined this summer by two law students:

Renee Kolar. Renee is a J.D. candidate at The University of Texas School of Law. She holds an undergraduate degree in translation (Spanish, French, English) from a French University. Her experience living abroad and studying translation taught her that often times misunderstandings between people arise not just from their language differences, but also from the absence of a shared cultural background. This experience put Renée in a position to facilitate communication between two cultures, sharing with the French and Spanish her unique perspective of the United States, often times in contrast to what they had learned from television and movies. In doing so, she also learned a lot more about her own culture.


Brett Goodman. Brett grew up in the Dallas, Texas, area, where he continued to live through his undergraduate time at Southern Methodist University. After four years at SMU, Brett graduated with a degree each in finance, mathematics, and Spanish, but was still left with a bit of uncertainty. Thinking back to his college coursework, he realized that he most enjoyed the analytical and critical thinking skills required of him from his business law course. He decided law school was the next step, and as a die-hard Texan at heart, he matriculated into The University of Texas School of Law immediately post-graduation.

You will soon read their posts at Disputing.

Please join us in welcoming them by leaving a message in the reply box below.

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