Questions and Answers about NBA’s Labor Impasse

SF Gate
October 22, 2011

The NBA lockout continues. The first two weeks of the season were scheduled to begin on November 1st but they have been canceled. Many questions remain. Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver says it is unclear whether 82 games are still possible: “Both sides would want to play as many games as possible, but it would be difficult to find enough available dates at the arenas. However, if players bargained for it — perhaps dropping one demand in exchange for a full season so they didn’t miss any pay — the league would be more motivated to try.”

There was “a nasty tone” when negotiations fell apart and some harsh words were exchanged, and there are no future negotiations planned yet. In the past, the parties have managed to pick up and get back to the negotiation table fairly quickly so hopefully they’ll be able to overcome the emotions.

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