Using Conflict Resolution to Help Stop Global Warming

Your Olive Branch
October 25, 2011

What happens when you put passionate individuals skilled in the art of conflict resolution in a room with a common cause? The Karuna Center for Peacebuilding held the Green Summit on Carbon Pricing—bringing together over 50 environmental advocates and leaders who were asked to apply their conflict resolution skills to creating climate change solutions.

The Karuna Center has begun the process of consensus building among environmental leaders in an attempt to move the movement forward with greater clarity, unity, and ultimately impact. In light of the many challenges, the need for unity and clarity is essential: “The absence of any means of pricing and/or limiting and taxing carbon emissions means that there is no economic incentive in the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions, the major cause of global warming, which is arguably the greatest threat we face as a global community. There is an ongoing division among environmental advocates over which form of carbon-emissions pricing should be adopted by U.S. legislation and policy. Wide public support will be required to get Congress to act, and little will happen if leading environmentalists are not all pulling in the same direction.”

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