New Orleans Attorney Sued for Allegedly Interfering in Settlement Negotiations

The Louisiana Record
October 3, 2011

Garmen is an African American female who initiated a lawsuit against her former employer Helix Energy Solutions Group for alleged discrimination based on race and gender. Her two charges with the EEOC resulted in mediation. Garmen contacted Arruebarrena and although he listed to the mediation via telephone, Garmen did not sign a contract with him. After the case settled for $100,000, the attorney argues that he is entitled to 40% or $40,000 of the settlement that Helix Energy paid to Garman.

Helix Energy refuses to pay the $40,000 to Garman so she argues that Garman has violated the settlement agreement. “Arruebarrena is accused of knowing that he must have a written, recorded contract in order to have standing to intervene and claim any portion of settlement funds. He is also accused of creating the material breach in Garman’s settlement agreement by threatening Helix with litigation.”

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