Chief Justice Suggests Mediation While Appeals are Pending

Times of Malta
October 3, 2011

At a ceremony yesterday Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri spoke of the need for a case management system to speed up court hearings. Part of the proposed changes include mediation while cases are pending appeal, special appeal hearings when sentences issued by different judges appear divergent, as well as a system for more cases to be scheduled. These proposals would help prevent undue delay in court proceedings and help deal with the large number of pending appeals which have built up due to the delay.

The potential to expand the voluntary and mandatory branches of mediation in Malta has great potential. “Perhaps one should examine the possibility of making better use of the time that an appeal is pending, by, for example, considering the submission of the case to mediation. Should mediation achieve results by the time the appeal submissions are due to be heard the appeal would be immediately tackled and decided.”

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