Not a Push Into All-Out Civil War

The Guardian
November 17, 2011

The Arab League has taken what some are calling foolish steps in dealing with Syria which is on the verge of civil war. Instead of Arab governments banding together in an attempt to mediate the dispute in Syria between the regime and its opponents, they have suspended Syria from the Arab League thereby humiliating Syria’s rulers. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have taken sides with the opponents of Syria’s Assad regime.

In understanding these countries’ actions, one individual notes, “It is no accident that the minority of Arab League members who declined to go along with that decision includes Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq. They are the three Arab countries that have experienced massive sectarian violence and the horrors of civil war themselves. Lebanon and Iraq, in particular, have a direct interest in preventing all-out bloodshed in Syria. They rightly fear the huge influx of refugees that would pour across their borders if their neighbour collapses into civil war.” Considering the possible violence that a civil war might have on neighboring countries, it is a wise decision to try to avoid civil war.

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