NBA Labor Talks Continue

November 22, 2011

There is little to be thankful for in the world of basketball. While the entire season hasn’t been canceled yet, the fans have little else to be thankful unless both sides come to their “collective senses” to end this miserable lockout! To resolve this, both sides will have to give a little. Sadly “Time is running short and not even the holiday season seems to be affecting the mood of the major players in this drama.”

For many of the owners and active players, this is not their first lockout. Thirty-three players including Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Grant Hill went through the 1998-1999 lockout. With so many players having endured the previous lockout—and average of one player per team—“You’d think they would know exactly how costly this current fight will be on the collective psyche of fans that don’t care about the particulars and just want their game back.”

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