Providing “Professional Nuisance” Services for Victims of Debt Relief Scams

Market Watch
November 2, 2011

Even though the Federal Trade Commission issued new rules for the consumer debt relief industry just over a year ago, consumers are still at risk for getting scammed. Consumer mediation services is an “independent fraud fighting company” that attempts to help victims of debt relief scams to get their money back from bogus debt relief scams. Furthermore, the company only gets paid if they are successful in helping the victims get a refund.

Consumer Mediation Services Director Jonathan Hardstad attributes the company’s success to the unique techniques that help get the job done. He said, “While standard negotiation tactics do occur when handling a complaint, it’s our unusual tactics that make us stand out. First we contact them and let them know there was a complaint received. Then we give them the proper time to respond. If the company ignores the situation, hunting season begins. Maybe a silent protest in front of their office… Time to call the media. We speak their language… but don’t eliminate the idea of us rounding up a weekend camera crew and asking the owner a few simple questions before church on a relaxing Sunday morning with their family.” Those are some intense tactics!

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