The Quartet Merely Serves as a Facade of Peace Mediation

The Daily Star
November 3 , 2011

In the ongoing battle to advance peace between Palestinians and Israelis, the United States and Israel have created the most recent political configuration known as the “Quartet on the Middle East” which is a self-appointed group of internationals and supranational entities. The United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia have come together to mediate the peace process in the Isreali-Palestinian conflict.

The group has committed themselves to coordinate their actions to resolve the current crisis. However, critics say, “Given that the U.S. dominates the Quartet, one does not need to be a political scientist to conclude that the entire setup merely serves as a facade for continued American unwillingness to uphold its legal obligations, under international law, to hold its strategic ally, Israel, accountable for maintaining an unlawful four-decade military occupation of Palestinians.” One cannot argue that this group wields undeniable power and that if this power-house committed itself to resolving a conflict, they would succeed.

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