Mandatory British Divorce Mediation Program Successful

BBC News
November 4, 2011

British Justice Minister Jon Djanogly visited the city of Ipswitch this week to check-in on a new, mandated divorce mediation program that the British government implemented in April. Minister Djanogly noted how there’s, “been a 20% uptake in mediation” from before the program’s implementation, and how, “…of those who go through publicly funded mediation, 70% will have a successful outcome.”

“It’s something I have personally been pushing hard as a minister for the last year,” added Djanogly. Early results from the program show that only about 10% of participants go on to more costly and contentious divorce court proceedings. Might the UK model be an auger of new US policies to come? If this program is successful, it seems that it may be a start.

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