Middle-Schoolers Learn the Art of Mediation

Ventura County Star
May 18, 2011

This month, students from seven middle schools in Ventura County will receive peer mediation training from the Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement. Middle school is a time of transition and mediation teaches kids how to communicate with others and listen to the other’s point of view. When both parties are heard, they are charged with developing a solution that is satisfactory to both individuals.

Perhaps the middle school scenarios are “an opportunity to learn skills that will be useful in adulthood” and “In a way, it’s a microcosm of what we’re seeing on the world, national and state level. We see, ‘I’m not going to budge. I don’t care if there’s gridlock.’ It’s devolving into a tribal mentality.” A trend towards peer mediation will help resolve disputes and open channels of communication.

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