WIPO Must Strengthen Its Technology Dispute Resolution Services

CJ News India
May 25, 2011

Known in the field of intellectual property rights, WIPO has its own Arbitration and Mediation Centre and provides world class domain name dispute resolution. As technology continues to play a bigger role in the world, new dispute emerge such as cyber law disputes, cyber forensics disputes, and e-discovery related disputes. WIPO is still establishing itself in these new emerging areas but it will have to expand in order to stay competitive.

Praveen Dalal is a neutral at WIPO Arbitraiton and Mediation Centre as well as managing partner of New Delhi based IP law firm. He suggests that “One area that WIPO must pay special attention is Dispute Resolution of Cross Border Technology Transactions and E-Commerce Disputes…The future disputes would be Techno Legal in nature and WIPO must be well prepared to deal with the same.”

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