It Would Be Irresponsible for Maria Shriver and Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Litigate Their Divorce

May 26, 2011

Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Mark Baer has some advice for the former First Lady Maria Shriver and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in light of their recent announcement to separate. Baer strongly suggests against litigating the divorce since it will cause irreparable damage to the children.

Baer emphasizes, “If Shriver chooses to litigate her divorce from Schwarzenneger, it’s going to have dire consequences. Not only will the cost of legal fees be exorbitant, but it will further damage their relationship as they continue to co-parent their children.” Instead, the parties should consider “collaborative divorce” or mediation as it would offer the parents and the children privacy and an opportunity to heal from their wounds.

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