Mediators Solve Disputes in China’s Communities

Xinhua Net
June 28, 2011

Mediators in China have been busy with civil affairs for more than half a century “from resolving disputes over serious matters like divorcing couples’ property distribution to trifles [between neighbors].” One couple who has been married for more than fifteen years complains of how they are confronted daily with disputes over trivial things. The wife attempts to limit her husband’s income and she has now left the home as a sort of “cold domestic violence” although she still wonders if he loves her.

Because the couple does not want to get divorced, they have turned to a local mediator instead of the court for help. In the mediation sessions, the mediator suggested that the wife give the husband broader personal space and that the husband take more care of the family and the wife’s feelings. The mediator told the wife “to keep one secret card in your hand. That is to remain a woman’s mystique, which is quite attractive to men.”

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