Gadhafi’s Arrest Warrant Gets Mixed Reactions

China Daily
June 29, 2011

Chinese leaders hope that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be more objective and prudent over the arrest warrant that was issued for Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi. A positive atmosphere is needed for peace negotiations and “Gadhafi might choose to step down if he is provided with good outlets.” Unfortunately, Gadhafi has less incentive by reading the warrant and experts worry that the warrant will undermine political settlement of the issue.

After the briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said, “China is concerned about the possible impact of the warrant on the situation in Libya. We oppose any violence against civilians, and this position is consistent. We call for a political means to resolve the crisis in the North African country, and welcome the mediation efforts of the international community, especially from South Africa and the African Union (AU).”

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