Tumultuous Decades for a Housing-Aid Activist

The Baltimore Sun
July 10, 2011

Vincent “Vinnie” Quayle is the founder and head of St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, and he recently retired after 43 years of service with the Baltimore nonprofit organization. After years of working with homeowners, he spoke with The Baltimore Sun about the fair-lending battles, gentrification and the roller-coaster housing market including the corrosive effect of foreclosures.

In the 70’s, Quayle got involved with foreclosure-prevention counseling and he eventually created mediation programs to help families talk to their lenders to try and reach resolution. He said that originally they helped approximately 500 families a year but “Once this foreclosure crisis hit, we were seeing over 2,000 families a year.” Although its slowed down recently, the lenders have been very slow in dealing with the crisis.

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