Devas Moves International Court to Get Back Antrix Deal

The Times of India
July 10, 2011

Devas Multimedia and Antrix (the commercial arm of Indian Space Research Organisation) entered into an agreement which was terminated in February after allegations of wrongdoing involving the allocation of S-band spectrum which the government scrapped “due to strategic reasons.” This controversy emerged while the government battled a slew of corruption scandals including the Commonwealth Games and 2G spectrum scam.

Devas recently approached the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) seeking restoration of its contract with Antrix. “Devas has not sought any specific monetary damages but has asked the tribunal that it should be compensated for breach of agreement” and Devas seeks that “Antrix’s termination of the contract should be termed improper and invalid and has asked for a declaration that the agreement with Antrix remains ‘fully extant and binding.’”

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