Department Hit Over Case of Siblings

The Age
July 11, 2011

Young siblings were removed without warning from their long-term carer who have been housed together in a contingency unit since March. As a result, the Department of Human Services has come under fire because “by the passing of time alone harm is being done to the children” the longer they are away from their loving guardian they call “mum.” The method of removal—by police escort from their school—itself was traumatizing. And more recently, the children called home begging their carer to take them away from the contingency unit.

Unfortunately, there is no end in sight since the Children’s Court of Victoria is so bogged down with coming cases that the matter will not be heard until early 2012. By then, the children will be out of their home for nearly a year. As a result, the magistrate urged the department to mediate with the carer.

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